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BoundGodsBG-29576 Adam Herst and Alex Adams.wmv
Onyx Transformation
WMV Only
Adam Herst has brought a new stud Alex Adams to his house. Making out in the dark, Alex realizes he's just entered an Onyx Lair. These nasty Onyx are known for their bondage and harsh corporal while the Redz are strictly into bondage and making out. Alex thinks he's more of a Redz kind of guy and tries to leave, but the Onyx aren't known for taking no for an answer. After being taken down, Alex wakes up to find the nasty Onyx member hovering over his bound body. Adam beats him into submission before edging Alex's thick cock with mechanical devices. Adam chains the stud's legs behind his head and fucks his ass till he cums all over Alex's face. To complete the transformation, Adam milks a load out of Alex's fat cock before welcoming him to the Onyx Tribe.
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