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Hiren's Boot DVD 15.2 Restored Edition V 1.1 Proteus (January 2013)
This edition of the Restored HBCD is a bug fix release of
the previous version (V 1.0). Mini windows has been further improved, Kaspersky
Rescue Disk is finally perfected and boots equally well from DVD or USB.
Several new utilities have been added or upgraded and some faulty ones have
been fixed. The aim of this Hiren's Boot CD Rebuild is to provide an austere
but convenient and usable interface to the utilities whilst keeping faith with
Hiren's original concept. No fancy splash screens or wallpapers. Just hotkeyed
menus to get you quickly to the utilities you want to use.
Changes between V1.0 and V1.1
Kaspersky antivirus          Simplified booting for DVD and USB. No more ULA.
                                         Updated definitions to 9 January 2013
Mini Windows 7               Rebuild to run faster. Include rasphone.pbk
SystemRescueCd Linux         Updated to Version 3.2.0 (7 Jan 2013)
EaseUS Partition Master      Updated to Version 9.2.1
Active Boot Disk             Updtated to Version 6.5.2
HD Low Level Format          Updated to Version 4.25
WinkeyFinder                 Added Version 1.73
Clonzilla                    Autostart when selected from main menu.
DOS environment 'M' menu     Fixed to start restored utilities too.
Remove WGA                   Fixed  'File not found'.
WinNTSetup                   Missing BootICE button. Fixed.
Acronis utilities            Boot from NTFS on USB flash drive.
Program Launcher             Added new category USB Tools and fixed various bugs.
Grub4Dos                     Fixed errors in menus.  
usb-installation.pdf         Updated and corrected.
Teracopy                     Do not reload program when in PE.
Raid Reconstructor           Not in Program Launcher. Fixed.
Rufus (USB Formatter)        Added Version
Card Recovery                Updated Version 6.00.1012
CMOSDeAnimator               Added Version 2.1
Driver Forge                 Added Version 5.0
Windows Surface Scanner      Added Version 2.0
Flash Memory Toolkit         Added Version 2.00 Professional
SD Formatter                 Added Version 3.1
USB Write Protector          Added Version 1.2

Hiren's Boot CD is a vast collection of bootable and portable
utilities for the management, diagnosis and repair of computer
problems, recover lost or deleted files or cracking passwords. There
is no computer problem for which HBCD does not have at least one tool
to help with its solution. In addition, HBCD provides the means to
take control of any computer and communicate with other computers,
surf the internet, write documents or programs, without booting the
installed operating system. There are literally hundreds of utilities
and it is advised that you explore the contents before the need for
it arises. Hiren�s Boot CD can be used in two ways:
  As a boot CD to take control of the computer without starting the
   installed operating system so that we can do repairs or clone the
   main disk, recover files, test the memory and hardware, clean
   severe viral infections, et.c. To do any of these simply boot the
   computer from the CD and select a utility from the menu. Options
   include FreeDOS, 3 Mini Windows environments (98, XP and 7) and
   two Linux rescue environments. Optionally you may include the
   forensics/penetration Linux live CD Backtrack.
  As a collection of portable repair and diagnostic utilities which
   can be run from within Windows without installation. To do this
   insert the CD when Windows is running and select a utility from
   the HBCD Program Launcher menu. If the CD does not autorun you
   may start the menu by running HBCDMenu.cmd. When the operating
   system not functional or unavailable the portable utilities may
   be still be used if we boot a Mini Windows environment included
   in the CD. (3rd option of the main boot menu).
For example Acronis Disk Director can be started in 4 ways:
  Boot the CD, select "Dos Programs", "Restored Utilities" and then
   "Acronis". (useful if we wish to clone or restore the main hard
   disk and there is not enough memory to boot Mini Windows XP).
  Boot the CD, and from the main menu from the "Hard Disk
   Utilities" select "Acronis".
  Boot the CD, select "Mini Windows XP" or Mini Windows 7 and then
   select "Acronis Disk Director" found under "Partittion/Boot/MBR"
   in the HBCD Program Launcher menu.
  Boot to your windows operating system, insert the DVD (or the USB
   stick) and select Acronis Disk Director from the HBCD Program
   Launcher menu.
This Restored DVD includes all the utilities found in the latest
Hiren's Boot CD 15.2 (December 2012). [1] with many of the utilities
updated to their latest version. It is called Restored because it
contains all the commercial utilities omitted from the official
releases (since version 11.0.) It also includes other tools such by
Acronis, Paragon, Active@, and other useful software fully integrated
within Hiren's menus.
Below are listed only the additional or updated programs and
utilities found in this DVD. The numbers in square brackets [..] are
referring to the URLs listed at the bottom of this file. For the
complete list of utilities in the official Hiren's Boot CD, read the
files HBCD.txt and

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