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  • Girl next door, bound on the worlds most powerful orgasm machine cumming her brains out! Sarah Shevon Matt Williams
    • Pics SB - Oct 03, 2012 - Sarah Shevon, Matt Williams
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Girl next door, bound on the worlds most powerful orgasm machine cumming her brains out! | Sarah Shevon | Matt Williams
October 3, 2012
MP4 + Pics.
Welcome Sarah Shevon to Sexually Broken. Sarah is one of those girl next door types that live right beside you. She wears shorts, and a t-shirt, and carries groceries into her house. You look at her and think is she pretty cute, but you really have no idea.
We love taking these innocent looking girls and making them cum. Not just cum, but cum over and over, until they think they might pass out from the brutality of the orgasms. Each orgasm gets stronger. The clit gets more sensitive with every orgasm and the Sybian never tires, never quits. When the girl is stuck on one, she is turned into a screaming, moaning cumbot 2000. Orgasm after orgasm, the machine is relentless, turning the girl's brain to mush, her heart to overload. Soon the girl finds breathing is not easy when you're screaming out mindless earth-shattering orgasms every 20 seconds.
Beautifully bound in a technically perfect, modified Japanesse box tie, Sarah is completely helpless. Her shaved pussy sits atop the world's most powerful vibrator, her weight holds the pussy in place. There is nothing she can do to even squirm off it a little bit, she is in sexual trouble and she knows it.
A unique rope gag holds our Girl Next Door in place, while the machine rips her brain apart. Suction cups enlarge her nipples and we clamp them out, pulling her forward. The rope gag is pulled up. Sarah is caught, pulled in two different directions. The tightness of everything flashes her brain and her orgasms grow stronger, her screams deafening!
We leave our poor little girl next door on the evil machine. We walk away as another orgasm rips though her exhausted body. How much more can one helpless girl take?
8000 uploads and counting, if you like what Shallow2 and I upload, how about leaving us a nice comment below ? :)
Cheers :-)

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